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Apparel, Interiors, Housing, and Merchandising Department Records, 1918-2005

Historical Note:

Courses associated with the domestic arts - sewing, dressmaking, house furnishing, and kitchen gardening - were first taught at Oregon Agricultural College in the early 1890s. In 1908 the Domestic Art Department was created, and became the Household Art Dept. in 1918. The name was changed to the Dept. of Clothing, Textiles and Related Arts in 1926, and retained that name for around 60 years. About 1986 the department was changed to Apparel, Interiors, & Merchandising, and by 1990 it was known as Apparel, Interiors, Housing & Merchandising.

Department heads have included Helen Brooks (1911-1917), Helen Lee Davis (1917-1930), Alma C. Fritchoff (1930-1948), Gertrude Strickland (1949-1953), Lucy Lane (1953-1954), Florence Petzel (1954-1961 & 1968-1976), Holly Schrank (1976-1980), and Sally Francis (1983-2000).

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