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President's Office Records of John M. Bloss, 1892-1897

Historical Note:

John McKnight Bloss was born in 1839 in New Philadelphia, Indiana. After graduating from Hanover College in 1860, he joined the 27th Indiana Volunteer Infantry Regiment and fought in several battles including the Battle of Antietam. Bloss resigned his commission in 1864 and enrolled in the Ohio Medical College in Cincinnati where he attended school through 1865. Bloss served first as a teacher and then an administrator for a number of public schools in the midwest until, in 1892, he was simultaneously appointed President of the State Agricultural College of Oregon, director of the Experiment Station, and professor of Mental and Moral Science. During his tenure as President, Bloss introduced football to the college, established a school color and mascot, oversaw the construction of several new campus buildings, and established new course offerings including the Farmer's Short Course. Bloss resigned from his post in 1896 as a result of failing health and returned to Hamilton Township in Indiana. There, he established Royerton, the first consolidated school west of the Allegheny Mountains. John M. Bloss died on April 26, 1905.

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