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Board of Regents Records, 1886-1929

Historical Note:

The Board of Regents was created by the Oregon Legislative Assembly through legislation passed in February 1885. It replaced the College's Board of Trustees, which had reported to the Columbia Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South. The Board of Regents consisted of nine members appointed by, and which reported to, the Governor of Oregon. The Board's ex-officio members included the Governor, Secretary of State, the State Superintendent of Public Instruction, and the Master of the State Grange. Board officers included a president, secretary and treasurer, and were appointed to two-year terms of office. The Board's by-laws were later amended to include a vice-president. In 1929, the OAC Board of Regents was replaced by the Oregon State Board of Higher Education, which was created to oversee all of Oregon's public higher education institutions.

Several Board members figured prominently in OSU's history. Wallis Nash served from 1886-1898, much of that time as the Board Secretary. James K. Weatherford, an 1872 graduate of the college, was a Board member for 43 years, 1886-1929. He was Board President from 1901-1929. John T. Apperson served from 1886-1917, and was President from 1895-1901. B. F. Irvine served from 1898-1929, the last 28 years as Board Treasurer. He also served on the Oregon State Board of Higher Education from 1929-1937. E. E. Wilson graduated from the college in 1889 and served two terms on the Board -- 1906-1915 and 1924-1929. He also served on the Memorial Union Board of Governors from 1925-1961. Walter M. Pierce served as a Board member from 1903-1927, the last four years in an ex-officio capacity as Governor of Oregon. Clara H. Waldo, the first woman appointed to the Board, served from 1905-1919.

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