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Rangeland Resources Department Maps, 1936-1967

Historical Note:

The first course in range management at Oregon State, Range and Pasture Botany, was offered by the Botany Department in 1917. Additional courses were offered by the Farm Crops and Animal Husbandry Departments during the 1930s. In 1949, C.E. Poulton was hired to develop a 4-year undergraduate curriculum in range management; Poulton had a joint appointment in the Departments of Farm Crops and Animal Husbandry. In 1971, the rangeland curriculum was reorganized as the Rangeland Resources Program within the Department of Animal Science. The Department of Rangeland Resources was established 10 years later in 1981; in about 2007, it was re-named the Department of Rangeland Ecology and Management. The former Animal Sciences and Rangeland Ecology and Management Departments were merged in 2012 to form the new Animal and Rangeland Sciences Department.

E. William (Bill) Anderson earned his MS in range management and animal husbandry from Oregon State College in 1940. After serving in World War II, Anderson worked for the Soil Conservation Service and became the state range conservationist for Oregon. He taught senior seminars at Oregon State on coordinated resource management planning. Anderson was born on July 26, 1914 and died on March 3, 2011.

The Squaw Butte Range Livestock Station was established by the U.S. Department of Agriculture in 1935. It was merged with the Harney Branch Station in 1944 to form the Squaw Butte Harney Range and Livestock Experiment Station, which was renamed the Squaw Butte Experiment Station in 1954. The Squaw Butte and Eastern Oregon Experiment Stations were combined in 1974 to form the Eastern Oregon Agricultural Research Center.

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