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Talons Records

Talons Records, 1936-1990

Talons is a service-oriented honorary society for sophomore women founded at Oregon State College in 1933. The Talons Records include application materials, organization guidelines, meeting minutes, information about officers and members, project information, and scrapbooks.
MSS Talons
1.67 cubic feet; 3 oversize boxes
University History / Photographs 

Esther Taskerud Papers

Esther Taskerud Papers, 1938-1992

The Esther Taskerud Papers consist of materials pertaining to Extension and 4-H, certificates and awards, and various other materials related to Esther Taskerud.
MSS Taskerud
7.46 cubic feet; 5 archives boxes, 4 document boxes, 4 folders, and 1 12x17 oversize box
University History, Natural Resources / Photographs 

William H. Taubeneck Papers

William H. Taubeneck Papers, 1881-2010

The William H. Taubeneck Papers consist of materials generated and collected by Taubeneck and document his research activities and teaching. Taubeneck earned his BS and MS degrees in Geology from Oregon State College, completed a Ph.D. at Columbia University, and was a faculty member in the Geology Department at Oregon State from 1955 until his retirement in 1983.
MSS Taubeneck
10.5 cubic feet, including 550 photographs; 11 boxes
University History, Natural Resources / Photographs 

Albert D. Taylor Collection

Albert D. Taylor Collection, 1907-1928

The Albert D. Taylor Collection contains scrapbooks, landscape designs and surveys, photographs of scale models, and photographs and post cards documenting a trip to Europe taken during the summer of 1907.
MSS TaylorA
5 12x17 oversize boxes
University History / Photographs 

Armond C. Taylor Photographs

Armond C. Taylor Photographs, 1916

The Armond C. Taylor Photographs consist primarily of images of OAC campus buildings including McAlexander Fieldhouse, Batchellor Hall, Benton Hall, Waldo Hall, Agriculture Hall, Apperson Hall, Shephard Hall, and the Education Hall. The collection also houses images of OAC cadets.
P 139
21 photographs; 2 boxes
University History / Photographs 

B. Sam Taylor Photograph Collection

B. Sam Taylor Photograph Collection, 1907-1959

The B. Sam Taylor Photograph Collection primarily documents logging operations and YMCA facilities in southern Oregon and southern Washington.
P 226
0.1 cubic foot, 300 photographs; n/a
Natural Resources / Photographs 

Janet Taylor Papers

Janet Taylor Papers, 1942-1954

The Janet Taylor Papers consist of appointment calendars, brochures, correspondence, employment records, fabric samples, newspaper clippings and photographs. The collection also includes an OSC bulletin on the proper care of new fabrics, written by Taylor in her capacity as a Home Economics County Extension Agent.
MSS TaylorJ
0.4 cubic foot; 1 document box and 1 12x17 oversize box
University History / Photographs 

Katherine and Russell Tegnell Scrapbook

Katherine and Russell Tegnell Scrapbook, 1931-1941

The Katherine and Russell Tegnell Scrapbook consists of material relating to the Tegnells' experiences as married students at Oregon State College.
MSS Tegnell
0.15 cubic foot; 1 16x20 oversize box and 1 file folder
University History / PhotographsScrapbooks 

Theatre, University, Photographs

Theatre, University, Photographs, 1916-1968

The University Theatre Photographs consist of images of theater productions at Oregon State University, set design and construction, make-up sessions, and costumes.
P 112
2.3 cubic feet, including 1925 photographs; 7 boxes, including 1 oversize box
University History / Photographs 

Theta Sigma Phi Records

Theta Sigma Phi Records, 1921-1980

The Theta Sigma Phi Records consist of materials - including a scrapbook - that document the Alpha Eta chapter of Theta Sigma Phi, a women's professional journalism society.
MSS ThetaSigmaPhi
4.9 cubic feet; 6 boxes and 1 20x24 box
University History / Photographs 

Betty Lynd Thompson Papers

Betty Lynd Thompson Papers, 1916-1980

The Betty Lynd Thompson Papers were created and assembled by Thompson, a dance instructor at Oregon State University from 1927 until her retirement in 1972. The Papers include correspondence; teaching materials and student papers; writings by Thompson on a variety of topics; publications pertaining to dance instruction; dance programs, clippings, and ephemera; photographs; and motion picture films.
MSS Thompson
5 cubic feet, including 1500 photographs and 11 motion picture films; 12 boxes, including 1 oversize box
University History / PhotographsVideosSound Recordings and Oral HistoriesScrapbooks 

Elmo R. and Doris Mardis Tibbetts Collection

Elmo R. and Doris Mardis Tibbetts Collection, 1923-1930

The Elmo R. and Doris Mardis Tibbetts Collection consists of a photograph album, "College Memories, 1923-1930," and several loose photographic prints.
MSS Tibbetts
0.15 cubic foot; 2 folders
University History / Photographs 

Bill Tomsheck Scrapbook

Bill Tomsheck Scrapbook, 1932-1983

The Bill Tomsheck Scrapbook documents Tomsheck's experience as a student and player on the 1933 "Ironmen" football team.
MSS Tomsheck
0.25 cubic ft.
University History / PhotographsScrapbooks 

Fred Tooley Photograph Collection

Fred Tooley Photograph Collection, 1910-1961

The Fred Tooley Photograph Collection consists of photographs assembled by Tooley during his student years at Oregon Agricultural College (OAC) and of subsequent reunions of the Class of 1911 in 1936 and 1961. Tooley earned a BS in agriculture from OAC in 1911.
P 278
0.03 cubic foot, including 16 photographs; 1 box
University History / Photographs 

Track and Field Photograph Collection

Track and Field Photograph Collection, 1900 - circa 1960

The Track and Field Photograph Collection depicts track and field and cross country athletes from Oregon State University and other schools participating in athletic events such as long jump (formerly known as the broad jump), high jump, pole vault, discus and shot put, hurdles, and other races and events. The majority of the images depict meets during the 1920s. The track and field program began at Oregon Agricultural College in 1896.
P 010
0.15 cubic foot, including 158 photographs; 1 box
University History / Photographs 

Sydney Trask Photograph Collection

Sydney Trask Photograph Collection, 1871-1932

This personal collection of photographs taken (and assembled) by Sydney Trask includes many notable images from the 1890s through 1910s of Oregon Agricultural College buildings, campus views, classrooms, and laboratories. Trask attended Oregon Agricultural College in 1894-1896. Before coming to Corvallis in 1894, he was a photographer for the railroad in eastern Oregon; in the late 1890s, he had a photographic studio in Corvallis.
P 096
1.8 cubic feet, including 429 photographs; 17 boxes, including 2 oversize boxes
University History, Local History / Photographs 

Triad Club Records

Triad Club Records, 1925-1999

The Triad Club Records document the activities and operation of this organization of Oregon State University faculty established in 1926 to further "fellowship, cooperation, and service" among faculty, students, and the citizens of Corvallis. The records include membership lists, minutes, scrapbooks, photographs, and anniversary publications.
MSS TriadClub
1.3 cubic feet; 4 boxes
University History, Local History / PhotographsSound Recordings and Oral HistoriesScrapbooks 

John W. Trigg Photograph Album

John W. Trigg Photograph Album, 1915-1918

The John W. Trigg Photograph Album consists of photographs assembled by Trigg, primarily during the academic year 1915-1916 when he attended Oregon Agricultural College as a vocational student in agriculture. The images depict campus buildings and views, athletics, student activities, and military cadets.
P 227
0.05 cubic foot, including 54 photographs; 1 box
University History, Local History / Photographs 

Rodney Tripp Collection

Rodney Tripp Collection, circa 1870 - 2001

The Rodney Tripp Collection documents Tripp's association with Oregon State University and consists primarily of ephemera, memorabilia, and artifacts. A life-long resident of Albany, Oregon, Tripp earned a BS in Secretarial Science from Oregon State College in 1940.
MSS Tripp
1 cubic foot, including one photograph; 1 box
University History, Local History / Photographs 

E. Dale Trout Papers

E. Dale Trout Papers, 1939-1983

The E. Dale Trout Papers consist of materials created and assembled by Trout and his colleague, John P. Kelley, regarding research on X-ray equipment, diagnostic radiology, and the administration of the X-Ray Science and Engineering Laboratory at Oregon State University. Trout and Kelley were faculty in the OSU Department of General Science beginning in the 1960s.
MSS Trout
5.2 cubic feet, including 2 photographs; 20 boxes, including 1 oversize box
University History, History of Science / Photographs 

Jo Anne Trow Papers

Jo Anne Trow Papers, 1952-2014

The Jo Anne Trow Papers contain materials generated and collected by Trow that document her career as an administrator at Oregon State University as well as her involvement in community and professional organizations. Trow came to Oregon State in 1964 to serve as the Dean of Women. She retired in 1995 after serving as the Vice President for Student Affairs for over twenty years.
1 cubic foot, including photographs; 1 archives box and 1 12x17 oversize box
University History / PhotographsVideosScrapbooks