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Letter from Linus Pauling to A. N. Richards. April 5, 1944.
Pauling writes to inquire into whether or not the Committee on Medical Research is interested in supporting his and Dan Campbell's proposed experimentation on the improvement of penicillin.


April 5, 1944

Dr. A.N. Richards

Committee on Medical Research

2101 Constitution Avenue

Washington 25, D.C.

Dear Dr. Richards:

Several months have gone by since I talked with you about a research project in which Professor Dan H. Campbell and I are interested; namely a study of the possibility of coupling penicillin to serum proteins or other large molecules in such a way that it retains its activity but is prevented from leaving the blood stream. At that time (November, 1943) you said that it might after some months be possible for the Committee on Medical Research to release a quantity of penicillin and also to give us information about the chemical structure of the molecule, which would be very valuable in indicating the methods to be tried in coupling the molecule to protein.

I am writing now to ask whether or not the time has come for us to begin an investigation of this sort. I would suggest that only a modest project would be required, involving one or two assistants.

Cordially yours,

Linus Pauling


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