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Letter from Linus Pauling to Arthur L. Bloomfield. August 21, 1943.
Pauling writes to report on recent conversations concerning work on the treatment of burn wounds with cephalin preparations.


August 21, 1943

Dr. Arthur L. Bloomfield

Stanford University of Medicine

2398 Sacramento Street

San Francisco, California

Dear Dr. Bloomfield

On receiving your letter of August 17, relating to the proposal by Dr. Harry J. Deuel of the University of Southern California to investigate "A physiologically active principle from cattle brain effective in preventing mortality from burns", I talked by telephone with Dr. Deuel, and also talked with Mr. George Feigan, who carried out the preliminary experiments on which the proposal was based, and who now is an assistant on our CMR contract.

The earlier experiments, when examined in detail, seem to me to have some significance. Dr. Deuel will during the next two or three weeks carry out a second series, with his cephalin preparation injected after the burning has occurred; and, if the results are promising, he will submit to our Panel a revised proposal.

I am going to Pittsburgh on NDRC business from September 3 to 13, and probably shall not be able to talk with Dr. Deuel about his new experiments until after my return.

Sincerely yours,

Linus Pauling


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