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Letter from Linus Pauling to Harris M. Chadwell. April 18, 1941.
Pauling writes to recommend that J. Holmes Sturdivant be utilized by the National Defense Research Committee in its on-going development of the Pauilng oxygen meter.


April 19, 1941


Dr. Harris M. Chadwell

National Defense Research Committee

1530 P Street NW

Washington, D.C.

Dear Dr. Chadwell:

The illness from which I am suffering is glomerlular nephritis. My treatment consists in rest and adherence to a rigid diet, but I am able to do my work at the laboratory and presumably will recover in some months or a year or two. At present it seems best for me not to take a trip to Washington; I am, however, hoping to spend most of the month of July in Chicago, and at that time I could come ot Washington for a few days if this were desired. Would you please tell Dr. Conant what the situation is.

I suggest that to the extent that arrangements can be made by correspondence you continue to write to me regarding the oxygen instrument project. Two of the completed instruments have been sent ot Dr. Lewis, and two more will be ready before long.

Having received permission to call upon Professor James H. Sturdivant in connection with the work to the extent that this was necessary, I have come to make a great use of him. Professor Sturdivant, an American-borne citizen who took his Ph.D. with me in 1930 and has continued as a member of our department since then, is a very gifted man, with ability in the field of instrumental design as well as along general scientific lines. He has designed all of our x-ray apparatus built in recent years. In addition he is in charge of the chemistry department instrument shop here. Dr. Sturdivant is thoroughly familiar with the details of construction and


operation of the oxygen instrument, and would be the best possible man with whom to discuss the possibilities of application of the instrument in various ways and of its special design for special purposes. I recommend strongly that, if it seems wise to you, Dr. Sturdivant be brought to Washington for a thorough discussion of the steps to be taken regarding construction and use of the instrument in the future. I recommend accordingly that Dr. Sturdivant be made a Section Member of the Committee.

His vital data follow:

Full name James Holmes Sturdivant

Home address Athenaeum, 551 South Hill Avenue Pasadena

Business address California Institute of Technology Pasadena

Date and place of birth June 22, 1906, Greenville, Texas

Education B.A., University of Texas, 1926

M.A., 1927; Ph.D., California Institute, 1930.

Previous positions Instructor in Mathematics, University of Texas, 1926-27;

Teaching Fellow, California Institute, 1927-1930

Research Fellow, 1930-1935;

Senior Fellow in Research, 1935-1938.

Present position Assistant Professor, California Institute, 1938-

I have full confidence in his loyalty to the United States. I have known Professor Sturdivant intimately for fourteen years.

Sincerely yours,

Linus Pauling


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