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Letter from Linus Pauling to Irvin Stewart. February 17, 1942.
Pauling requests that an NDRC contract be prepared for further development of an oxygen partial pressure meter.


February 17, 1942


Air Mail

Dr. Irvin Stewart, Secretary

National Defense Research Committee

1530 P Street NW.

Washingotn, D.C.

Dear Dr. Stewart: Reference: Symbol No. 402

On July 25, 1941 I received from Dr. Vannevar Bush a letter authorizing me to proceed with the development of the oxygen partial pressure meter, with the understanding that a formal contract carrying an appropriation of $4250 would be submitted to the California Institute as soon as possible. We have not yet received the contract, although the work planned on the basis of the letter of authorization is three-quarters completed. Will you therefore prepare for us a contract bearing Project No. PDRG-41 for the development of the oxygen partial pressure meter in a form for use with the navy type rebreather apparatus. We will furnish one instrument of the new type on the contract. The appropriation should be $4250 unallocated as to salaries, wages, and supplies.

We ask that Project No. PDRG-41 be retained on the new contract in order that we may use supplies purchased with our A-1-a preference certificate No. VQ-275093.

You will find the preliminary discussion which led to Dr. Bush's letter of authorization in my letter to Dr. Sherwood dated June 18, 1941, and in his reply of July 9, 1941.

Sincerely yours,

Linus Pauling

cc to Dr. H.M. Chadwell

Handwritten: Original of letter of authorization given to Mr. Barrett for confidential file, 3-6-42. JHS

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