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Letter from Linus Pauling to Lloyd Spencer. December 4, 1944.
Pauling states that, due to Beckman's agreement with the OSRD, the Caltech chemistry department is not required to file patent reports for his inventions. Pauling requests that David Shoemaker be consulted regarding the need for a patent on the Flow Regulator as developed by the Caltech staff.



December 4, 1944

To: Lloyd Spencer

From: Linus Pauling

Subject: OEMar-584 Patent Report

I agree with the statements in your communication of November 22, 1944 about the patent report for OEMsr-584.

It is my understanding that Dr. Arnold O. Beckman had an OSRD contract himself, under which developmental work on the oxygen meter was done. He did not work on a subcontract under OEMsr-58, and accordingly it is not necessary for us to make a patent report about inventions made by Dr. Beckman.

I judge that the patent report for OEMsr-584 would report no new invention except possibly that of the Flow Regulator on Page 42. Will you please discuss this with Mr. David Shoemaker, and decide whether or not this constitutes an invention, and should be reported.

Linus Pauling


cc to David Shoemaker

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