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Letter from Linus Pauling to T. K. Sherwood. May 13, 1941.
Pauling writes to provide Sherwood with an update concerning expenditures related to, and work done on, the development of a torsion balance for the Pauling oxygen meter.


May 13, 1941


Air Mail

Dr. T.K. Sherwood

Technical Aide to Division B

National Defense Research Committee

1530 P Street NW

Washington, D.C.

Dear Dr. Sherwood:

I have not yet received the papers regarding the extension of our contract period. The description of the extension given in your letter of April 20 does not correspond to our needs as discussed in Dr. Lewis' office. I thought that we would receive the sum of $1,000 for Dr. Wood's salary for six months, this being the same rate as that at which he has been paid, plus $500 for overhead plus $1,500 for materials and supplies, covering the six months' period beginning April 7, 1941 rather than a ten months' period as mentioned in your letter. I trust that this can be arranged.

There is another point which I should mention. Because of the labor involved in the work, especially the handling of quartz fibers and construction of the dumbbell assembly, we found it desirable to have another man assist with this, and hired Mr. Mason on a part-time basis. Is it proper for us to pay him out of the budgeted item of $1,500 for materials and supplies and if not what arrangement should be made. Also a large proportion of the extra expense of the work consists in the manufacture of parts of the instrument in the


nstrument Shop. We have been charging for this at the regular rate from the materials and supplies budget. Is this satisfactory, and if not what arrangement should be made about shop work.

Sincerely yours,

Linus Pauling


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