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Letter from Linus Pauling to the War Manpower Commission. March 10, 1944.
Pauling writes to acknowledge and accept his appointment to the Reserved List of the War Manpower Commission.





MAR 10 2 01 PM '44

Committee on Scientific Research Personnel

War Manpower Commission

Washington D.C.


This will acknowledge you recent letter informing me that my name has been included in the Reserved List of your Committee. I understand now that the Reserved List comprises only professional scientific research and scientific development workers who are engaged in essential war activity for an agency represented on the Committee, and who cooperate in insuring the stability of war industry by clearing with your Committee before transferring from one organization to another.

I am appreciative of this recognition of my work, and I desire to aid in promoting the orderly flow of personnel that is so essential to our war effort. Accordingly I shall keep you informed of any changes in my Selective Service status, salary, or character of work, and shall consult with you prior to considering transfer to any other organization.

Very truly yours,

Linus Pauling

Pasadena Calif.

March 6, 1944

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