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Letter from Linus Pauling to the California Institute Research Foundation. May 12, 1942.
Pauling writes to propose that he and his co-inventors of the Pauling Oxygen Meter assign all related patents to the Foundation in exchange for twenty-five percent of the net receipts accrued from the sale of the invention.


May 12, 1942

California Institute Research Foundation

1201 E. California St.

Pasadena, Calif.


On April 9, 1942, at a meeting of the Trustees of your Foundation, I presented orally a statement regarding the invention of the oxygen meter.

I now suggest that an agreement be reached between the Foundation and Linus Pauling, J.H. Sturdivant, and Reuben Wood, as follows:

1. The Inventors (LP, JHS, and RW) assign to the Foundation all patents on inventions relating to the oxygen meter that have been made or shall be made by them before January 1, 1944, unless the Foundation rejects them.

2. In consideration of these assignments and of the effort of the several Inventors in reducing the inventions to practice, the Foundation agrees to make to the Inventors payments totalling 25% of the net receipts from the inventions, according to the following schedule agreed on by the inventors among themselves:

Linus Pauling 20

J.H. Sturdivant 5

Reuben Wood 5

3. The net receipts from the inventions are to be the sums remaining from the gross receipts after the Foundation has been reimbursed for patent expenses, expenses of litigation, and other expenses incurred by the Foundation in connection with the oxygen-meter patents, as reasonably estimated by the Foundation.

4. Neither the Inventors nor the Foundation shall receive any royalty under these patents on devices sold to agencies of the United States Government.

5. Neither the Inventors nor the Foundation shall contest the validity of or title to any of these patents.

6. This agreement may be revised at any time by consent of both the Inventors and the Foundation.

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