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Letter from Linus Pauling to Ava Helen Pauling. April 12, 1945.
Writing from a train travelling across the country, Pauling writes of a rumor circulating that Franklin Delano Roosevelt died earlier in the day. He briefly discusses the consequences of the president's death, including the promotion of Harry S. Truman. He also describes an "amusing experience" regarding reserved rooms at a hotel in which Pauling was required to lodge with five other people in order to accommodate his fellow researchers.


7:30 PM Thursday, on the train

to Cumberland [?]

Dearest love:

There is a rumor on this train that President Roosevelt dropped dead at 5:35 this afternoon in Warm Springs. I hope it isn't true - but I'm afraid that it has been checked now by telegraph. A staggering loss to the world. I'm not afraid of Truman - I think that he will do a good honest job - but he isn't Roosevelt.

We interviewed a big crowd today, and Bush this afternoon. I wonder if our report will now go to Truman.

Last night we had an arousing experience. We arrived at our hotel from the station, 4 of us, and found that our reserved rooms had not been kept. We protested vigorously, and finally the manager said they had one room not usually rented and would put up 4 beds in it. This was done and we went to bed. At 12:30 AM the phone rang - 4 others of the group had no space! I called Sterling, and sent Ed & Mrs. Doisy out there - and I called our desk clerk, and finally browbeat him into having two more beds put in one room!

A few more hours and my trip will

be half over! I love you.



[A picture sketched by LP is to the bottom left of the letter. It is of a room with six squares representing beds. Each bed has a name on it; Paddy, Homer, (the rest are Illegible). There is also a bathroom sketched to the side of the room.]

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