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Letter from Linus Pauling to J. Robert Oppenheimer. November 26, 1945.
Pauling writes to forward the minutes of a meeting of an informal local nuclear committee. Pauling also inquires into the possibility that Oppenheimer's Nuclear Advisory Committee could consider the recommendation of Gerhart Friedlander as a Caltech appointee.


November 26, 1945

Dr. J. Robert Oppenheimer

Linus Pauling

Nuclear Advisory Committee

I have sent you separately the account of a meeting of a nuclear committee (a very informal one, with no official standing at the Institute), and a report made to this committee.

A confidential report was also made. I shall give you a copy of this report later.

If there is any information that you, as the Chairman of the new Nuclear Advisory Committee formed by action of the Executive Committee of the Institute would like to have, please let me know.

Professor Yost has recommended that Gerhart Friedlander of Los Alamos be invited to visit the Institute, in order that he might be considered for appointment. Would it be possible for your Nuclear Advisory Committee to consider this recommendation? I enclose the letter sent to me by Professor Yost.

Linus Pauling



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