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Letter from Ava Helen Pauling to Thomas Addis. May 20, 1941.
Ava Helen writes to provide a generally positive report on Linus Pauling's return to health from glomerulonephritis.


R 31 Box 622, Pasadena

May 20, 1941

Dear Dr. Addis;

Our patient is, I'm quite confident, improving. He hasn't switched the roast of beef yet but I expect it to happen at any time. I asked him what his thoughts were the other day and he said "Oh, turtle soup, chicken bacon." So you see the poets were all to-gether wrong about the "far away" look in a man's eye. I've often suspected as much.

On May 9th Linus gave an excellent but difficult lecture at U.C.L.A. -- the marked improvement over the one which he gave to you was so noticeable that I could have wept with joy. This was in spite of the fact that yours was the easier to give.

Of course, there are fluctuations. Some days better than others - the amount of urine varies too - the past few days it has been around 1600 C.C.

His appetite is good and in general everything is coming along.

You know we always used to come to Berkeley three or four times a year so if we can find enough excuses to resume that happy custom we shall be delighted. We'll come to see you the middle of June or there abouts on our way to Chicago.

By the way, I can find no one who remembers a thing about Linus' having had scarlet fever. His sisters, aunts etc. I don't believe he has had it. He thinks not, too, after further consideration.

Oh, I might mention that every one from the East who writes to give Linus advice urges him to get in touch with a Dr. Addis some where in San Francisco at Berkeley - Stanford, etc. You see how things get nosed around.

My best to Mrs. Addis and your daughter,

Ava Helen Pauling

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