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Form letter from Thomas Addis and Winifred Baker on behalf of the United American Spanish Aid Committee. September 1940.
Addis and Baker write to implore the recipients of the letter to act on behalf of refugees persecuted by various World War II-era European regimes.



83 McAllister Street

San Francisco

Hemlock 8178

September 1940

Dear Friend,

When the Hitler invasion began thousands of men and women of antifascist ideals had already taken refuge in France. Austrian, German, Spanish, Czech, Polish, Dutch, Belgian and Italian are herded together there in concentration camps or live in extreme poverty. Jewish people from Warsaw have met others from Austria in the wretched prisons and into their overcrowded room have been flung Spaniards, who fought for years in an endeavor to prevent this evil happening. We have been instrumental in rescuing many thousands But the problem grows; we cannot take a Spaniard and leave a Czech. We cannot ask a man his nationality when he is driven from his home by the savagery of war, and is in hourly danger of being handed to the anti-semitic, fascist persecutors from whom he hoped he had escaped.

We, more fortunate than our brothers in Europe, must do what we can to save these courageous men and women and their little children. Hitler and Mussolini have demanded that they be handed over to Nazi prisons and firing squads


American opinion is important in Europe now. Our letter campaign halted the drive to send the Spaniards back to Franco. Thousands of letters begging that Red Cross funds be used, resulted in help being sent to Argeles Camp, where men of every nationality are herded on the open beach. We implore you: Write to the President and to Mr. Cordell Hull asking them to intercede with the French and German Governments on behalf of the International and Spanish refugees, and urging that American ships be sent to save them.

Help does reach them. We send funds by means of drafts on the Amalgamated Bank of New York to our representative in France. We supply medical help and milk. We obtain visas and transport the refugees to friendly countries. Will you help us to carry on this humanitarian work? $150 will transport and rehabilitate a man; $100 will care for 20 children for a month; $5 will give a package of food to a family; $1 may save a child's life. What can you spare that these innocent little war victims may live?

Yours sincerely,

T. Addis


Winifred Baker

Executive Secretary

Make checks payable to


not to individuals

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