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Letter from Linus Pauling, Jr. to Ava Helen and Linus Pauling. April 24, 1946.
Linus Jr. writes to report of his honorable discharge from the military.



24 April 1946

Dearest Mom and Dad,

On April 22, 14 hours, 49 minutes, 30 seconds, I became once more a civilian. A very happy occasion. I hitch-hiked up in 12 hours flat, which you will agree is phenomenal since Beale is 60 or so miles above Sacramento. And only 45 hours after arrival I walked out free. And I got back here Tuesday morning, early enough to send the kids and Arletta off to school so I could take an uninterrupted nap.

Affairs are proceeding here very smoothly. Arletta wants to stay, I think, so I told her we'd be glad to have her. J.H.S. came for supper last night. Taka and I seem to be keeping going. I have trouble keeping track of the house and garden because I'm not familiar with the routine yet.

Your gardener Fred came up before I left and delivered an Easter plant for you, some amazing creation with brick red leaves shaped like this:

Birds, plants, rabbits, and chickens are all doing well. We're having trouble with thick smog, though. It isn't nearly so nice here as it is all the way north from the Ridge. Sacramento was too hot for comfort. Very nice here as for as temp. goes.

All my love, and best wishes for a good time for you. I hope those theatre tickets were satisfactory.


P.S. Say hello to Mae for me.

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