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Letter from Linus Pauling, Jr. to Ava Helen Pauling. April 7, 1944.
Linus Jr. writes to his mother to discuss his upcoming transfer to Truax Field for Army Air Corps radio-mechanic and pre-radar school.


April 7, 1944

Dear Mom-

I'm going, tonight or tomorrow, to Truax Field, Madison, Wisconsin, for radio-mechanic and pre-radar school. This course lasts twenty weeks, but with my luck it will probably take me a year.

I was very surprised to discover that I was going to radio since I didn't qualify for it in my classification exams. But that's the Army.

I hear Madison is a very nice town. Do you know anyone there? It isn't very far from Chicago, but probably far enough to keep me away. I'm glad to get away from this place, which has been one big sand and dust storm for the past couple of weeks. But I have managed to make quite a few good friends here and I'm sorry to leave them.

Apparently my transfer to medics was turned down. I'm not sorry now that I'm going to radio, since it is just about the most interesting enlisted man's job in the air corps. I'll go on and take gunnery afterwards unless I disqualify physically.

I'm mailing you the long overdue mints, the stationary, and a couple of books I got from the Classics Club (I'm surprised it isn't called Klassies Klub).

All my love to you and the family,


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