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Letter from Linus Pauling, Jr. to Ava Helen Pauling. June 2, 1943.
Linus Jr. writes to relay to his mother the details of his induction into the U.S. Army Air Corps, including the various tests required before enlistment.


June 2, 1943

Dear Mom,

I am glad to find that you and Daddy are taking off for a little vacation. It's time you had some rest.

I'll probably wander south about the 12th of June. Much depends on my military activities. On Tuesday I went to the Army Air Corps Cadet Selection Center in S.F. and took the mental exam, which consists of 150 questions, America average approximately 75 right, passing grade for Air Corps 80, and a three hour time limit. I managed to get a score of 125 in an hour and a half. It was a rather simple test. Tomorrow I leave at 7:30 A.M. for Hamilton Field for my final physical exam. I'm not too worried about passing that because my visual acuity and color perception were tested before I took the exam and everything was O.K. It will take a couple of weeks for papers to get through, and then I'll be inducted. After induction I get sent home for another week to await orders. The Santa Ana probably. Some fun.

Those cookies were wonderful. The diet we get here is foul, especially now , as the cook is worried about being in the hole as regards points. I haven't had nearly enough fresh foods, so my health is somewhat run down.

Please send me the June $50. I have to move out of the house on Saturday, so please send mail to the Millers at 1709 Gough Street, S.F. if I get any communications from the Government, you might open them to see if there is anything urgent.

A fraternity brother of mine and extremely brilliant character, 2.8 average (corresponds to an A- approx) I.Q. 139, wants me to go on a little spree with him in the south land San Diego, etc. but I don't' know that I'll have time.

Give my love to that sweet little sister of mine, and to Pete and Crellie, too. I'll write again and relate the latest developments.



P.S. She has beautiful, soulful, brown eyes, with flecks of green!

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