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Interview with Linus Pauling.
Interview with Linus Pauling. February 14, 1992.
Interview by Thomas Hager for use in "Force of Nature: The Life of Linus Pauling," (Simon & Schuster, 1995).

Pauling on the Japanese Gardener Incident, Part 2. (1:17)

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Thomas Hager: Meanwhile, the Japanese fellow himself was long gone. He just worked those one or maybe two days and that was it?

Linus Pauling: Oh, he worked one day only. And I don't think we ever saw him again. I don't know where he was living, I think for those few days somewhere in Pasadena. And he may have gone out on about whatever business he had come to California for and then went back to the camp.

Thomas Hager: Amazing that people would have even known he was even there - that whoever had scrawled those messages...

Linus Pauling: That's right. I've wondered how. I think that these right-wingers may have had a spy in that organization, whatever it was, that called my wife, so that they passed out the information, this person, whoever it was, to a batch of rednecks who went ahead with that vandalism.


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Creator: Thomas Hager, Linus Pauling

Date: February 14, 1992
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