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"El Barco de La Paz (The Peace Ship)"

"El Barco de La Paz (The Peace Ship)" 1984.
Produced by Alternative Media Network/Media Alliance for the Fellowship of Reconciliation.

A Crucial Time. (0:44)


Linus Pauling: This is a crucial time, before the elections in the United States, when the people of the United States need to know what great immorality the Reagan government has been committing...through the CIA and by direct subsidy of the forces that are trying to overthrow the government of Nicaragua by force and violence. It is, of course, a travesty on the idea of democracy that this is the way to handle this situation.


Creator: Linus Pauling
Associated: Ronald Reagan
Clip ID: 1984v.1-crucial

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Associated: Linus Pauling, Fellowship of Reconciliation

Date: 1984
Genre: video
ID: 1984v.1
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