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"No More Hiroshimas!"

"No More Hiroshimas!" 1960.
Robert Carl Cohen, producer.

Hope for the Future. (0:53)


Linus Pauling: If our goal is to kill people by the millions and to destroy civilization, we have the power to do it now. The neutron bomb is a fraud, a hoax. Its only purpose is to lead us away from peace and into war. I believe that the great evil of war can be abolished from the world. I believe that disarmament can be achieved. I believe that it is possible to organize the world community on principles of freedom and justice under law and mutual trust. And I believe that it is the duty of every human being to act on this conviction with words and deeds aimed against war, against the spread of nuclear weapons, and toward disarmament and perpetual world peace. Thank you.


Creator: Linus Pauling
Clip ID: 1960v.2-awayfrompeace

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Creator: Robert Carl Cohen
Associated: Linus Pauling

Date: 1960
Genre: video
ID: 1960v.2
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