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"No More War!"

"No More War!" 1960.
Robert Carl Cohen, producer.

Taking Action in the Fight for Peace. (1:17)


Linus Pauling: There are many ways to take action in the fight for peace. Every activity that any one of us engages in has two effects. It brings to the participant the knowledge that he is taking a great action, that he is doing something that will affect the future of the world. And then it has its effect on other people, encourages them to participate also in the stuggle for peace. And so I say to you: Do away with your apathy! Don't just lie down and be Hiroshimad! Now is the time to fight for your lives and the lives of your children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren too.

So let's take action. Let's march in peace marches, pray in vigils, beat the drums, go out in front of the RAND Corporation, protest against Polaris, join with Bertrand Russell when he pastes up an ultimatum on the door of the government, bombard the President, the Secretary of State, and our Senators and even Representative Hiestand with letters, urging that they get some sense, come back to sanity. Then, even if we are vaporized, atomized, Hiroshimad, we'll know that we have done our duty as thoughtful, sane, and high-principled men and women and children. But I believe that we can win.


Creator: Linus Pauling
Associated: Bertrand Russell, Edgar W. Hiestand
Clip ID: 1960v.1-takeaction

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Creator: Robert Carl Cohen
Associated: Linus Pauling, Ava Helen Pauling

Date: 1960
Genre: video
ID: 1960v.1
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