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Credits and Acknowledgements

"Linus Pauling and the International Peace Movement: A Documentary History" was launched on November 29, 2007. The website is a product of the Oregon State University Libraries Special Collections: Cliff Mead, Head of Special Collections; Chris Petersen, Faculty Research Assistant; Ryan Wick, Information Technology Consultant.

The site narrative was written by Tom Hager.

The OSU Libraries Technical Services Department provided assistance with the creation of metadata for many of the digital images presented on this site. Particular gratitude is owed to Mike Boock, Head of Technical Services, and to Sue Kunda of the Technical Services Digital Production Unit.

Special thanks are likewise due to Jeff Geisinger, Seth Klann and Alek Prelle-Tworek for their contributions to the graphic design of this site. Thanks also to Julie Linman for her assistance in content selection and document scanning, and to Raul Burriel for his numerous technical contributions, in particular his work with the audio and video portions of the site.

Further, and invaluable, assistance was provided by Jamee Asher, Jessica Billings, Kelley Blasen, Katie Brempelis, Heather Dickinson, Amanda Grill, Felicity Powell, Trevor Sandgathe, Wendy Scott, Michelle Spatz, Maarika Teose, Rachel West, Allison Wilsey and Anna Wilsey.

The creators of this website have either sought or are grateful to the copyright holders for permission to reproduce the documents, illustrations and quotations presented on this website. The Ava Helen and Linus Pauling Papers apologize for any unintentional omissions and, if informed of any such cases, would be pleased to update the site immediately.

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