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Letter from Linus Pauling to Gunnar Jahn. October 17, 1963.
Letter in which Linus Pauling expresses his happiness at having been named the recipient of the 1962 Nobel Peace Prize.


17 October 1963

Director Gunnar Jahn

Norges Banks Valuta-kontor

2 vre Slottsgate

Dear Friend:

My wife and I were filled with emotion to receive your kind letter of 14 October, after great and heartening surprise of the news of 10 October, that I had been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. Now I am especially happy to have received your own congratulations, which are extended to include my wife also – and especially happy to have you say that you personally do not know anybody who so much deserves getting the Nobel Peace Prize.

It has been difficult for me to assess my own work in the cause of peace. I have from time to time wished that I did not need to sacrifice time and effort in the work for peace, which I might otherwise devote to the activity in which I find so much pleasure, that of carrying on research in science and medicine. But I have felt, year after year, that it was my duty to make whatever contribution it was possible for me to make in the effort to bring reason into the world, to abolish the immorality of war, and to prevent the destruction of civilization that would be almost inevitable if a great war were now to break out in the world.

And, during recent years, your friendship has been a source of inspiration to my wife and me.

We are looking forward with great anticipation to seeing you in Oslo in December.


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