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Letter from Linus Pauling to Ava Helen Pauling. , September 7, 1945.
Linus writes to Ava Helen to update her on his travels on the East Coast and mentions also the general feeling of "the atomic bomb people" concerning contemporary politics.


[This letter is one of a series from a trip the LP took. The date is based off the postmark date of one of the letters (9/10/45). That envelope was sent from New York in the later half of the trip. The rest of the letters are dated based on the location LP was at in relation to the NY postmark. There is also a letter from AHP during that time with the date 9/3/45]

[This letter also refers to it as being day 7 of a twelve day trip. This helped reference the dates with the postmark date]

[on The Biltmore, New York City letterhead]

Saturday night

[Sept. 8, 1945]

Dearest love:

Our Guggenheim meeting has come and gone - none tomorrow. We had lunch together, and tonight Aydelotte [?] had us to dinner at the Harvard club - Moe + Edith, Dr Sabin, + I - Wilson + Notestein [?] had gone back home.

I had your statement about Klaus Marn after he had been discussed a bit; it created a sensation - nothing like it for sense, clarity, and pointedness had turned up before! I think that your reputation is now made.

Your three letters have arrived. I'm sorry the Zephyr misbehaves + I hope to see Liny.

Thursday night I had a berth from Boston to Washington, + last night a chair in the club car to New York (7 to 1130). The Washington meeting went well - the Navy will continue our war job for a year.

The Moe's want you to see them in January - also I've promised Ayedolette that you + I will stop in Princeton - remember this!

I've spoken tentatively to Farinholt about coming out as an administrative assistant to me - perhaps in February.

My trip is 7/12 over now. Mrs Sherman in Moe's office got me a berth to Chicago + then home on the Supercheif - arriving Thursday.


I've talked with lots of people about the atomic bomb, Union Now, the future of the world, etc.

I love you.

Sept 1945 Your


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