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Letter from Linus Pauling to Ava Helen Pauling. September 4, 1945.
Linus writes to Ava Helen to update her on his travels across the U.S. Linus also reports on his meetings with various scientists and offers his opinions on developments in atomic weapons policy.


[This letter is one of a series from a trip the LP took. The date is based off the postmark date of one of the letters (9/10/45). That envelope was sent from New York in the later half of the trip. The rest of the letters are dated based on the location LP was at in relation to the NY postmark. There is also a letter from AHP during that time with the date 9/3/45]

Friday Morning 7:30

[Sept. 7, 1945]

Dearest love:

I am arriving in Washington, a day late, having failed to get a berth from Boston on Wednesday night. As it was, I enjoyed the extra day in Cambridge. [Kisty] happened to come in, and I had dinner with him, and learned a great deal. All the atomic bomb people are upset about politics now- about secrecy from Russia, especially.

We saw Van Vleck and Abigail for a few minutes in the Faculty Club, and also I saw Phil Morse Wednesday night as he was getting on the train.

I am feeling fine- no cold or anything. I'll be glad to get back home.

Love from


P.S. We are just coming into the station in Washington. I'm going to an NRDC meeting, and then shall try to see the Army, the Navy (a part at least), and Tolman.


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