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Letter from Linus Pauling to Frank Aydelotte. November 16, 1945.
Pauling writes to discuss the emerging interest of Caltech faculty in studying world affairs, especially as concerns nuclear weapons policy. He asks Aydelotte for suggestions on individuals who might wish to join the faculty for the express purpose of studying world affairs.


November l6, 1945

Dr. Frank Aydelotte

Institute for Advanced Study

Princeton, New Jersey

Dear Frank:

I am writing to ask for suggestions about personnel in connection with a plan being developed by the faculty at the California Institute of Technology.

The members of our faculty are very deeply interested in world affairs at the present time. This interest, and the feeling that scientists should take far more than the normal part in decisions about world affairs, are of course the result of the development of atomic power and the atomic bomb, culminating the accelerating contributions of science to the factors determining the nature of the modern world.

It has been proposed that we add to the staff of the California Institute of Technology a man who is spending all of his time in the study of world affairs, and particularly the nature and causes of war, or methods of keeping the peace. Perhaps it will be possible to invite several men with interests of this sort to Pasadena for a few lectures, with a decision to be made later as to whether any one of them should be asked to come for a year or more. I think that the presence on our faculty of men, such as Tolman, Oppenheimer, Lauritsen, who have been involved in the recent developments of science and technology might interest the students of world affairs, in the job at this Institute.

I shall be grateful to you for any suggestions that you have to make, and information about the people whom you propose.

Cordially yours,

Linus Pauling

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