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Form letter from W.E.B. DuBois and Linus Pauling. July 26, 1949.
A form letter in which DuBois and Pauling, as Vice-Presidents of the American Continental Congress for World Peace, outline the issues to be discussed at the forthcoming gathering.



Suite 70, 49 West 44 Street, New York 18. N.Y.

Telephone Murray Hill 7-4292

July 26, 1949

Dear Sponsor:

The billion dollar arms program, says Senator Taft, will authorize the state and defense departments "to make alliances throughout the world and involve us in any and all wars, civil or external, going on anywhere in the world".

In the face of this imminent threat to world peace, the American Continental Congress assumes immense importance. Latin America is specifically mentioned in connection with this arms program and proponents of the "cold war" attach great importance to the domination of Latin American countries and their ability to influence the votes of Latin America in the U.N.

United States participation in this Congress will imbue the peace forces of the entire hemisphere with new hope and confidence. For the first time, the peace forces of the western hemisphere will meet together to plan united action and demonstrate to the bi-partisan war planners a people's united will towards peace.

At the meeting of sponsors held on July 18th at the home of Mr. and Mrs. O. J. Rogge, Maxine Wood reported on the progress of the work throughout Latin America. (Since the enclosed list was typed, 3 additional countries have sent in their vice-presidents and committees, and Enrique Gonzalez Martinez, Mexico's famed poet, has accepted the presidency of the Congress.)

Much of the time of the meeting was devoted to discussion of finances, and there was general agreement that a committee must be organized immediately in order to meet the most urgent expenses to maintain the office, print the call in English, etc. Some individuals undertook to raise money by personal solicitation or by arranging some affairs. This problem is pressing and if you can help by sending a contribution or by suggesting persons who would be willing to help support this great peace project, we would appreciate it.

We would also very much appreciate any names you may have of organizations or individuals who should know about this Congress and who might cooperate in one way or another. This will be discussed further at the meeting August 1st. If you will not be in the city on that date, it will be most helpful if you would send us any suggestions.

Sincerely yours,

W. E. B. Du Bois

Linus Pauling

Urgent: In view of the great danger that the proposed arms budget may be rushed through immediately, we urge that you let your congressmen and senators hear from you at once, that you express your opposition to the arms appropriation and insist on extended hearings.

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