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Letter from Edward Condon to Linus and Ava Helen Pauling. May 21, 1956.
Condon writes to update Linus and Ava Helen Pauling on his recent activities as well as his thoughts on the current political climate in the United States.




May 21, 1956.

The College


Dear Linus and Helen:

Your nice note of May 16 was received here to-day forwarded from Berkeley. We have been here all spring serving another term as visiting professor. This is our last week here and we go out to St. Louis next week for preliminary house-hunting. After that two weeks in Corning and then to Madison where I am professing quantum mechanics in the summer session to August 18, then a couple more weeks in Corning and really get to St. Louis about Labor Day. I put in all this detail so you will be sure to look us up if your summer travels cross any of this trail.

We are of course delighted to have a really good base of operations and hope that we can persuade you to visit us there when we are established.

As to whether things are getting more rational, I believe they are in the population as a whole, but I see no signs of improvement in the conduct of the Eisenhower administration. Eyring tried to help me by intervening with Senator Watkins and got a brushoff which involved a new charge against me. He writes, "The best picture that I can get is that no one even suggests you are disloyal but some argue that you are too easy going." At the end of April I saw Senator Knowland and asked his help. He took it up with the offending Secretary of the Navy and received a brushoff. So we have a long way to go before these fellows begin to act decently. Our only hope is to arrange matters so that what they say and do does not matter.

Paul is at 116 Cromwell Road, London S.W.7 working at Blackett's lab and will be at Pic du Midi in June then at Princeton next year.

With lots of love,

Ed Condon

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