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Letter from Linus Pauling to Sidney Weinbaum. December 10, 1953.
Pauling writes to suggest the possibility that Weinbaum might look for work in Israel.


10 December 1953

Dr. S. Weinbaum

221 North Rampart St.

Los Angeles, Calif.

Dear Sidney:

I am sorry that I was not in my office when you and Lena dropped by. I am very busy right now getting everything done that needs to be done before leaving for India.

There is a matter that I feel that I should mention to you. When I was in Israel and looking over the scientific work that was being done I thought of the possibility that you and Lena would want to emigrate to that country. I may say that I was very much impressed by it.

I spoke to Dr. Aaron Katchalsky, Weizmann Institute, Rehovoth, Israel, about you. He suggested that you write to him if you are interested in the possibility.

Dr. Katchalsky is a leading chemist - his field is the chemistry of high polymers. During the last few years he has been scientific director of the Weizmann Institute, but that job has now been turned over to his brother.

Dr. Katchalsky said that the laws of Israel are such that any Jew who asks for admission to the country is admitted.

He also said that it might be possible to arrange a job for you teaching physics somewhere in Israel.

At the present time there is little work in physics being done in the Weizmann Institute - they have laid the cornerstone of a physics laboratory, but have not yet appointed physicists to the staff. No teaching is done there, however, and probably Dr. Katchalaky had in mind some other institution. There is a university, Hebrew University, in Jerusalem, and a technical school, the Teknion, in Haifa. In addition, there are, I think, other schools in which physics is taught at other places in the country.

I found that I was very much interested in the kibbuzin. It occurred to me that it would be possible that you and Lena would want to join a kibbuz. Probably you would then work as a teacher, but the level of instruction in physics, mathematics, and related subjects would not be very high. The kibbuzin are primarily agricultural communal groups, but they carry on instruction of the younger people there.

Sincerely yours,

Linus Pauling:W

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