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Letter from Mrs. Dalton Trumbo to Linus Pauling. August 16, 1950.
Mrs. Dalton Trumbo (Jean Rouverol) writes to Linus Pauling to report on her husband's parole status. The letter also contains manuscript notes by Pauling for use in his reply to Mrs. Trumbo.



August 16, 1950

Dear Dr. Pauling:

I have just received a letter from my husband, Dalton Trumbo, who tells me he will be eligible for parole next month. It is necessary however, to have a parole employer and a parole adviser. In Dalton's letter to me he suggested that he would like very much to have you for his parole adviser, and I hope you will find it possible to do this.

As I understand it, the parole adviser is given monthly reports which have to be filled out by the parolee and approved and mailed to the U. S. Probation Officer by the parole adviser, and that is all.

As you must realize, I am very anxious to have him home again and hope you will let me know as soon as possible of your decision, and when I can see you, if you decide that you will be so kind as to do this.


(Mrs.) Dalton Trumbo

Dr. Linus Pauling

c/o Dr. J. L. Franklin

Humble Oil Co.

Daytown, Texas

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