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Letter from Linus Pauling to Dr. Albert Schweitzer. October 1, 1963.
Pauling writes to discuss his recent activities and to express his happiness at the recent ratification of the nuclear test ban.


1 October 1965

Dr. Albert Schweitzer

Lambarene, Gabon

Dear Friend:

I have been remiss about writing you for some time, and I am pleased to report to you now that my wife and I are in good health, and getting alone well; and also that Dr. Catchpool and Adriana and their little boy are well and happy. Dr. Catchpool is still associated with me, carrying on research in the field of anesthesia, and he seems to be happy with his work. Adriana has been active in the fight against racial discrimination in certain communities in Southern California.

Last month my wife and I spent three weeks in Latin America. We visited Brazil, Argentina, Chile, and Mexico. We talked with many officials in these countries about the need for peace in the world and especially about the proposal that the whole of Latin America be made into a zone free of nuclear weapons. We were able to talk with the President of Brazil, the President of Chile, and the President-elect of Argentina.

We are very happy about the ratification of the bomb-test treaty by the United States Senate (and also by the presidium of the U.S.S.R.). I think that your message to President Kennedy was of significant influence.

My wife and I think of you often, and we send you our best wishes.

Sincerely yours,

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