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Letter from Linus Pauling to Fred Okrand. April 28, 1960.
Pauling writes to discuss his having been defamed by the Arcadia Tribune.


28 April 1960

Mr. Fred Okrand

257 South Spring Street

Los Angeles, California

Dear Fred:

I enclose the article from today's Arcadia Tribune.

I would be grateful to you if you would write a letter to the editor or publisher, demanding a retraction. It seems to me that the statement "Here is a man acting in a manner traitorous to the U. S. government, and we won't stop him" is libelous. I think that his appellation of me as "a stupid ass" is not libelous, but just an expression of opinion.

Mr. William Sumner of the Pasadena Star News asked if I would like to comment on Cvetic's statement. I gave him a comment, as follows: "Cvetic is a liar. He has forgotten how to tell the truth. I am ashamed to have to acknowledge him as a fellow American or even as a fellow human being." Mr. Sumner said that he probably would not use this statement, nor even make mention in the Pasadena Star News of the Cvetic matter.

I trust that you will write a strong letter to the Arcadia Tribune, asking for a retraction, if you consider that what they have written is libelous.

I apologize for calling you Jack, when I was talking with you on the telephone. I had just been conversing with a friend of mine named Jack, and he was still on my mind.

Sincerely yours,

Linus Pauling: jh enclosure

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