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Transcript of an anonymous letter sent to Linus Pauling. March 9, 1945.
An anonymous "neighbor" writes to threaten Pauling with property damage and bodily harm for his hiring of a Japanese-American gardener.


by Linus Pauling

Letter received Mar. 9, 1945 Postmarked Culver City Calif

Mar 8 . 10 30 AM 1945.

Contained clipping and letter typewritten on white paper 3 7/8” x 4 1/8” -- 90° angles, as though from a pad.

We happen to be one of a groupe who fully intend to harm your home, tar and feather your body unless you get rid of that jap..

Japs killed my own Father .. It,s to bad that some jap does not rape one near and dear to you…

well we will see that you get plenty and the more publicity you give this matter the sooner we will take care of you just like Al Capone did some years ago…

A neighbor

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