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Memorandum from Linus Pauling to Charles Newton. October 23, 1950.
Pauling writes to report on his interactions with media members seeking comment on allegations made by Senator Joseph McCarthy of Pauling's supposed engagements with Communist-front groups.


Mr. Newton

October 23, 1950

Interviews with United Press and Associated Press

Today I talked with Miss Clary of United Press, Richmond 6565, and with Mr. Arthur, of Associated Press, Richmond 7-9595• Miss Clary told me that a new story had come over the United Press wires, in which my name was mentioned. She said that Senator McCarthy had issued a statement in which the names of 9 atomic scientists were given, as examples of flagrant dereliction on the part of the Atomic Energy Commission. I said to her "I have never received any classified information of any sort about atomic energy from the Atomic Energy Commission." She said that the story also mentioned that I was connected with the Guggen— heim foundation, and that the Guggenheim Foundation had a flagrant record of giving fellowships to Communists. I said that I did not want to comment on this item, because I was only a member of the Committee of Selection of the Guggenheim Foundation, and could not speak for the Foundation.

Mr. Arthur (perhaps he is at the city desk of the Los Angeles Times) seems to have a somewhat different story. He read the Associated Press story to me - I believe in toto. As read to me, the story said that the American Association for the Advancement of Science had Kirtley Mather as president, although he belonged to 40 Communist-front organizations. It mentioned the Federation of Atomic Scientists, and said that Higginbotham and Lyle Borst of the Long Island AEC laboratories were connected with it. He mentioned Philip Morrison and H.C. Urey, and then Linus Carl Pauling, who worked for Communist causes. I gave him the following statement: "I have been working in support of an international policy that would lead to peace, and I presume that that is what Senator McCarthy is referring to."

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