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Letter from Ava Helen Pauling to Albert Szent-Györgyi. April 7, 1965.
Ava Helen writes to express her and Linus's thanks for Szent-Györgyi's support regarding their anti-Vietnam War activism. Ava Helen further discusses her thoughts on Vietnam as well as other possible routes that their activism might take.


794 Hot Springs Road

Santa Barbara, California

April 7, 1965

Dr. Albert Szent Gyorgyi

Woods Hole


Dear Albert:

I cannot let more time go by without writing to tell you how grateful I am for the splendid letter which you sent to the Times on March 24 about the situation in Vietnam. Surely all people of reason must agree with you and must want this frightful war to be brought to an end. How can we arouse the people of the United States to raise their voice and bring an end to this immoral and disgusting activity which is being carried on in our name?

Can you not get all of the scientists that you know to join with you? Should we begin another appeal? Linus has written to all of the peace laureates asking them to join with him in an appeal to the President, but I do not know whether there will be any reaction to this.

We remember with much pleasure seeing you more than a year and half ago now, or just about a year and a half ago anyway, and we look forward to seeing you again. The situation in the world makes it difficult to feel really gay and frivolous, nevertheless, there is much of worth and beauty in this world and I get pleasure and satisfaction from it. It seems to me that one of the most frightful things about the situation in Vietnam is not that we are fighting the Vietnamese, although that is horrible enough, but this is such an assault on the earth itself. I cannot understand this destruction of this small planet which is so wonderful and which belongs to all of us.

I am preparing to give a speech at the Unitarian Church on women. I think I had better be talking about Vietnam, but still they have asked me to speak about women and so it is. Linus and I send you cordial greetings.


Ava Helen Pauling

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