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Letter from Linus Pauling to R.R. Williams. October 6, 1958.
Pauling writes to rebut Williams' assertions that Pauling has made exaggerated claims concerning the danger of nuclear weapons tests, and in so doing has "followed the communist party line."


6 October 1958

Dr. R. R. Williams

297 Summit Avenue

Summit, New Jersey

Dear Dr. Williams:

I have been disturbed to read your letter of 20 August, about my book No More War!.

You say that you have the feeling that I have exaggerated both the extent and certainty of radiation damage to the world population from a nuclear test. I think that if you will compare what I have written with the statements made in the report of the United Nations committee you will find that my statements are in essentially complete agreement with the statements of this committee, which, I think, have to be taken as the most authoritative of the statements made so far.

I must say that I resent your including in your letter a statement to the effect that I have followed the communist party line, inasmuch as this is a statement that, if made in public, would render you subject to a libel suit. If you had said that I follow the Christian line - that is, that what I advocate is what Christ has advocated, I would agree with you. It is clear, however, that I do not follow the communist party line; communist Russia, together with all other nations in the world, relies upon force, and opposes justice and morality as the basis for settlement of disputes between nations.

Yours truly,

Linus Pauling:JH

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