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Memo from Jonathan Rice to Linus Pauling. February 20, 1958.
Rice writes to Pauling to make a series of appearance suggestions and outline the ground rules of Pauling's upcoming televised debate with Edward Teller.


To: Dr. Pauling

From: Jonathan Rice, KQED; via telephone conversation with Cecil A. Thomas

Re: 4:30 TV appearance, February 20, 1953

They hope you can arrive at 4:00 p.m. and suggest you do the following

1. Avoid wearing a very dark suit.

2. Wear a shirt other than white, and if necessary, buy a dark one at their expense.

3. They are asking both Teller and you to write (preferably type) 100 words of introduction. They are doing this because they do not know how you would like to state your relationship to the UN petition and other matters and want to have it in your own words. This will be read by James Day, General Manager of the station, who will serve as moderator.

As you probably know, they are making prints of this program this weekend and sending it to educational TV stations all over the country.

The time will be divided as follows:

You will be the first speaker with 14 minutes.

Your second turn will be for 7 minutes.

The third time will be for 3 minutes.

Your last remarks will be between 2 & 4 minutes, depending on how much time is left.

There will be time cards available to indicate to you how much time is left as the program draws to a close.

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