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"To Fermi - with Love."
"To Fermi - with Love." 1971.
Produced by the Argonne National Laboratory.

Oppenheimer Declared a Security Threat (0:27)

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Jay Andre: In early 1954, Fermi's professional ire was aroused by the security risk investigations of his long-time colleague Robert Oppenheimer. Fermi compassionately testified on Oppenheimer's behalf before the Personnel Security Board on April 20th, 1954. Despite his objective testimony, the Atomic Energy Commissioners declared Oppenheimer to be a security risk by a vote of 4 to 1.


Creator: Jay Andre
Associated: J. Robert Oppenheimer
Clip ID: energy1167a-oppenheimer

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Creator: Argonne National Laboratory
Associated: Jay Andre, Herbert Anderson, Crawford H. Greenewalt, Norman Hilberry, Arthur Holly Compton

Date: 1971
Genre: sound
ID: energy1167a
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