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"Talk of the Nation."
"Talk of the Nation." January 19, 1996.
Produced by National Public Radio.

The Paulings' Peace Work. (0:36)

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Alexander Rich: Both worked, they were both involved in the formulation of the Pugwash Conferences and I myself was involved in those for about 15 years. And it was based on the idea that you need to develop communication between the nuclear nations in order to diminish the likelihood of nuclear war. And they played a very valuable role, a role which in fact was recognized by the Nobel Committee this past year


Creator: Alexander Rich
Associated: Linus Pauling, Ava Helen Pauling
Clip ID: 1996v.3-peace

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Creator: National Public Radio
Associated: Linus Pauling, Ava Helen Pauling, Alexander Rich, Ira Flatow, Thomas Hager

Date: January 19, 1996
Genre: sound
ID: 1996v.3
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