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"Science and the Modern World."
"Science and the Modern World." May 15, 1957.
Washington University, St. Louis, Missouri.

A New Hazard to Mankind from Fallout Radiation. (1:20)

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Linus Pauling: Well now there is another matter that is related to this. I have mentioned that these bad genes were formed at a certain rate by the natural mutagenication, cosmic rays and so on, and that rate is now increased by the fact that man has obtained power over the nuclei of atoms, that he is able to cause the fission of heavy elements, the nuclei of these heavy elements, at will, and has done it in very large amounts in the nuclear bomb tests, also in the efforts to obtain peace-time use of atomic energy. This is also dangerous.

But not so dangerous as the military uses, the bomb tests. Because if you work carefully in a carefully planned building you can take steps to control the radioactivity that is being released. If you explode a bomb in the upper atmosphere, you can't control it. The fallout radiation, Strontium-90, and similar things, spread over the world, drop down. Everybody in the world now has Strontium-90 in his bones, radioactive material, and nobody had it 15 years ago, 10 years ago. Strontium-90 did not exist. This is a new hazard to the human race, a new hazard to the health of people, and scientists need to talk about it.


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Date: May 15, 1957
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