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Pauling annotations re: attitudes toward early research on DNA. approx. August 1985.
Annotations by Linus Pauling made to Robert Olby's review of the book "The Transforming Principle," published in Science 229, 4716: 851.

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Creator: Linus Pauling, Robert C. Olby
Associated: James D. Watson, Francis Crick, Oswald Avery, Alfred E. Mirsky, Frederick Griffith, Colin M. MacLeod, Rollin D. Hotchkiss, Maclyn McCarty, Arthur W. Pollister, Gunther Stent, H. V. Wyatt, Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research

Date: approx. August 1985
Genre: manuscripts
ID: sci9.001.52-notes-mirsky
Copyright: More Information

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