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Letter from Linus Pauling to Max Delbrück. April 20, 1953.
Pauling writes to discuss Watson's upcoming trip to Caltech for a virus symposium. Pauling feels that the work Watson is doing with Crick is important enough to warrant him going back to Cambridge for the two months between the symposium and his planned research at Caltech in the Fall. Pauling notes that he was "very deeply impressed" by the Watson-Crick structure of DNA. He then discusses the problems that he had with the crystallography results, and describes the reasons why the King's College group was able to obtain a better result that enabled them to deduce the double-helical structure. Pauling closes by suggesting that there is a chance that Watson and Crick are wrong, but that it is not very likely.

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Date: April 20, 1953
Genre: correspondence
ID: sci9.001.39-lp-delbruck-19530420
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