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Letter from Jerry Donohue to Linus Pauling. December 15, 1952.
Donohue writes to provide Pauling with the details of "three more satisfactory helices" that Donohue has derived in his work on the structure of proteins. Donohue adds that he would like to continue testing his experimental methods using the interatomic distance data that Pauling generated during his research on the the alpha-helix. Donohue also notes that, though the Colorado position appears to be more of a possibility, he would prefer to return to Caltech. In closing, Donohue reports of Francis Crick's embarassment at the sloppy timing of Nature's publication of Pauling's alpha-keratin letter and also mentions Arndt and Riley's recent work on oriented fibrous insulin. Transcript.

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Date: December 15, 1952
Genre: correspondence
ID: sci9.001.14-donohue-lp-19521215
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