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Letter from Jerry Donohue to Linus Pauling. November 9, 1952.
Donohue writes to provide Pauling with an update on the activities of those with whom he has been working in England. Donohue notes that Francis Crick is developing a theory of a coiled-coil structure of alpha-keratin, and that Bragg's and Perutz's hemoglobin research is nearing completion. Donohue discusses his own research agenda, including his interest in Dyer's "cysteylglycine [sic?] sodium iodide," discusses the possibility of his finding work at Berkeley and notes, in passing, the "promising" nature of Kendrew's discovery of a new form of whale myoglobin. Transcript.

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Date: November 9, 1952
Genre: correspondence
ID: sci9.001.12-donohue-lp-19521109
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