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Letter from Alexander Todd to Linus Pauling. May 6, 1952.
Todd writes to express his outrage at the witholding of Pauling's passport by the U. S. goverment. Todd also provides a short update on his life and work, including the time burdens likely to accompany his new position and his hope that Pauling is "getting interested in the macromolecular structure of the nucleic acids." Transcript.

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Creator: Alexander Todd
Recipient: Linus Pauling
Associated: Alison Todd, Ava Helen Pauling, Robert Robinson, Henry Tizard, Joseph Koepfli, Times (London, England), Department of State (U. S.)

Date: May 6, 1952
Genre: correspondence
ID: corr407.6-todd-lp-19520506
Copyright: More Information

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