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Letter from Linus Pauling to W.L. Bragg. December 15, 1959.
Pauling writes that he feels that the nomination of Perutz and Kendrew for a Nobel Prize is premature because much of their most important work has yet to be published. He supports, however, the nomination of Watson and Crick, but believes their prize should be in physiology and medicine rather than chemistry. In Watson and Crick's stead, Pauling proposes that Dorothy Hodgkin and J. M. Bijvoet be nominated for the chemistry prize for their work with x-ray diffraction as it applies to chemical problems. Transcript.

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Creator: Linus Pauling
Recipient: W.L. Bragg
Associated: Max Perutz, John Kendrew, Dorothy Crowfoot Hodgkin, Johannes M. Bijvoet, Francis Crick, James D. Watson

Date: December 15, 1959
Genre: correspondence
ID: corr30.1-lp-bragg-19591215
Copyright: More Information

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