Letter from Linus Pauling to Mrs. Morton Sobell. Page 1. May 6, 1963
Letter from Linus Pauling to Mrs. Morton Sobell. May 6, 1963. Page 1  Larger Images / More Information. 1 p.  View Transcript

Activity Listings

  • Airline ticket: American Airlines, Minneapolis to Los Angeles [Filed under LP Travel, Box #1.003, Folder 3.3] 
  • Check from AHP to Margaret Joyce RE: $25.00.  [Bank Statement from First Western Bank to LP and AHP May 21, 1963] [Filed under LP Biographical: Business and Financial: Box #4.027, Folder #27.2]
  • Itinerary [handwritten]: Gustavus Adolphus College; 10 AM Convocation speech “Science and the Future of Humanity” [Filed under LP Travel, Box #1.003, Folder 3.3] 
  • Itinerary: LP and AHP leave Minneapolis at 6 PM, arrive in Los Angeles at 9:01 PM [Filed under LP Travel, Box #1.003, Folder 3.3] 
  • Letter from Alfred Hassler to M.S. Arnoni, Editor, The Minority of One, RE: Thanking his for his lengthy reply to his letter. Also asks several questions, that Hassler believes remain unanswered. At the end specifies that this letter is personal and not for publication.[Letter from Arnoni to Hassler May 1, 1963, Letter from Arnoni to Hassler, May 16, 1963] [Filed under LP Correspondence: (M.S. Arnoni), #6.15]       
  • Letter from Bertil Svahnström to LP RE: Recommends a Swedish Book by Bodo Manstein and asks for LP to write a forward for it about the problem of civil defense.  Svahnström also tells the story of a young girl employed in his office who is imprisoned for forty days due to her refusal to participate in civil defense.  Date of reply and a small note is written by LP in pencil. [Filed under LP Correspondence: (S:Individual Correspondence), #370.10]
  • Letter from Colin B. Sweet, Secretary, The British Peace Committee, RE: Thanking LP for his message. [Letter from LP to Sweet April 30, 1963] [Filed under LP Correspondence: (B: Correspondence), #40.2]    
  • Letter from George Cubis, Redacteur de la revue Contemporanul, to LP RE: Discusses the publication “Contemporanul,” and its wide investigation in the world among intellects and scholars. Asks LP to be a part of the investigation, and to reply to the question, “What do you think of this great century?” [Filed under LP Correspondence: (C: Correspondence), #77.1]    
  • Letter from Howard John Zitko, World University Roundtable, to K.J.J. Van Loosdrecht, National Netherlands Commission for UNESCO, RE: Zitko explains some ideas for the World University to Van Loosdrecht and attaches information about this as well as a photograph.  [Filed under LP Correspondence: (U: Correspondence, 1936-1970) #421.21]
  • Letter from Joan Wharton, For the Editors, News Week, to LP RE: Express their appreciation for his recent interview with their representative in connection with “Exploring the Secrets of Life.” [Letter from LP to Wharton May 13, 1963] [Filed under LP Correspondence: (Newsweek, 1954, 1959-1961, 1963, 1982, 1988), #286.6]
  • Letter from John Fischer, Editor-in-Chief, Harper’s Magazine, to LP RE: Discusses changes made in a letter written by LP and published in Harper’s Magazine. [Filed under LP Biographical: Legal: Assorted Legal Disputes, 1963-1965: Box #3.058, Folder #59.2]
  • Letter from LP to B. J. Scheybeler RE: Informs Scheybeler that most of the statements in the pamphlet are correct. [Letter from B. J. Scheybeler to LP December 15, 1962] [Filed under LP Correspondence: (S: Correspondence, 1962-1963), #382.2] 
  • Letter from LP to Hyman Lipshutz RE: Informs that he is so busy he does not feel he should take on any more obligations. [Filed under LP Correspondence: (L: Correspondence, 1963), #232.2] 
  • Letter from LP to M.R. Nayyar RE: Agrees with many of the points raised in the letter and wishes them the best for their work towards world peace. Feels that the formation of a World Peace Committee would be of much value. [Letter from Nayyar to LP December 22, 1962, Letter from LP to Nayyar October 10, 1962] [Filed under LP Correspondence: (N: Correspondence, 1963), #288.7] 
  • Letter from LP to Mrs. Morton Sobell. [Letter from Sobell to LP, April 2, 1963] [Filed under LP Biographical: Political Issues: Civil Liberties - The Cases of Julius Rosenberg, Ethel Rosenberg and Morton Sobell, 1952-1955: Box #2.044, Folder # 44.17]
    6 May 1963

    Mrs. Morton Sobell

    940 Broadway

    New York 10, New York

    Dear Mrs. Sobell:

    I am glad to learn about the meeting to be held on 19 June in Carnegie Hall to fight against the injustice of the execution of Ethel and Julius Rosenberg and the continued imprisonment of Morton Sobell. I wish that I could hear the address by my friend Professor Harold C. Urey. I regret that my schedule does not permit me to accept your invitation to be present.

    With my greetings to you and best wishes for success in the fight for release of your husband from his imprisonment, I am.

    Sincerely yours,

    Linus Pauling:lh

  • Letter from Linda Cott to LP RE: Cott writes a lyric of sort that states ‘To you, Sir, with a fault cause. In a world that terrifies you, I merely sent this pin because You need it more than I do.” Attached on the note is a black pin with the outline of a plain and it states ‘Drop it.’ [Letter from LP to Cott May 14, 1963] [Filed under LP Correspondence: (C: Correspondence), #77.1]  
  • Letter from Michael Levi Matar, Counsellor at Law, to LP RE: Discusses settlement figures in the Hearst Corporation trial and LP’s action against Buckley at the National Review. [Letter from LP to Matar, April 3, 1963, Letter from LP to Matar, June 3, 1963] [LP Biographical: Legal: Pauling v. National Review, Buckley, et al., 1961-1969: Box #3.016, Folder #16.1]
  • Letter from Susan A. Starr, Cornell University Press, to Linda Hopkins, Secretary to LP, RE: Will send a copy of LP’s, The Nature of the Chemical Bond, third edition, to Miss Yuet-May Huang. [Letter from Hopkins to Reynolds May 2, 1963] [Filed under LP Books: 1960b5.6]
  • Letter from Wilbur S. Edwards, F.E. Compton & Company, to LP RE: Presents to him the need for a reference book that could help young people and adults to correctly use the language of today’s science and technology. Presents Compton’s Illustrated Science Dictionary. Requests that LP look over the book and comment on it. [Letter from LP to Edwards No Date] [Filed under LP Correspondence: (F.E. Compton and Company) #122.4]  
  • Newspaper Clipping: “Nobel Winners See Too Much Waste in Crash Moon Program”, North Mankato (Minnesota) Free Press. [Filed under LP Biographical: Scrapbooks: Box # 6.008 Folder #8.402]
  • Newspaper Clipping: “Pauling Tells How He’d Reverse Arms Race”, Minneapolis (Minnesota) Star. [Filed under LP Biographical: Scrapbooks: Box # 6.008 Folder #8.404]
  • Newspaper Clipping: “Paulings Doubt all Nobel Laureates Will Answer Call to Public Service”, Minneapolis (Minnesota)Morning Tribune.  [Filed under LP Biographical: Scrapbooks: Box # 6.008 Folder #8.403]
  • Program: Chapel Service, Christ Chapel, Gustavus Adolphus College. [Filed under LP Speeches: Speeches by LP, 1963: Box #1963s Folder #1963s.14]